My name is JAMES SCOTT and I believe in

CHALLENGING the status quo.


I BELIEVE in challenging the way we THINK about everything that helps us live LONGER, STRONGER, HEALTHIER lives.

I believe in questioning where you TRAIN, how you TRAIN and more importantly why you don’t TRAIN.

I believe in RECOVERING completely, quantifying everything and BIO-HACKING everything that leads to IMPROVED performance in the GYM, at HOME and at the OFFICE.


I am a HUSBAND, a FATHER and an ENTREPRENEUR. I have had to FIGHT & “GRIND” for everything I have. NOTHING has been given to me. I have spent the better part of my life STUDYING , testing different methods and finding the most EFFICACIOUS ways to EAT, TRAIN and RECOVER. I have vowed to always stay a STUDENT and to continue to push the envelope in human PERFORMANCE.

I am a pro strength & conditioning COACH and have trained professional ATHLETES for the last 10+ years. For some,WORKING OUT and eating healthy is a LIFESTYLE or even a hobby, but for me, it’s my whole LIFE.


This is why EVERYTHING I create, every brand I WORK with, must share the same VISION and be willing to look beyond the dollar signs and question, what is RIGHT and what is wrong. When I came across Farmhouse Juice and sat down with Uriel, I knew I had found a PARTNER in crime. The FIRST time I walked into Farmhouse Juice I said, “This ain’t juice bro, this is medicine.” NO other juice company focuses on QUALITY more than Farmhouse Juice. If it can’t be the BEST, then they won’t make it. Everything they do, from sourcing the SAFEST ingredients, to how EFFECTIVE these amazing concoctions are, all results in BRINGING everyone something that’s MORE than just a juice, it’s liquid GOLD that helps in supporting everything I work HARD to do.



I explained to Uriel that I wanted to make something that had SUBSTANCE. Something that would help my PROS as well as my FRIENDS. I knew I wanted a COFFEE, and I knew it needed HEALTHY fats, but that was about it. Uriel immediately went into his LAB and began doing his MAGIC. Not 5 minutes later we came out with what I thought was something AMAZING! Although Uriel was not quite happy. Both of us knowing how IMPORTANT performance was, it has taken us the better part of half a YEAR of research and TESTING to get this drink to what it is today, the ULTIMATE performance coffee drink that also TASTES amazing, thanks to the quality of the INGREDIENTS selected – Alkaline water, cold brewed USDA certified organic coffee from Yunnan, Raw Energy Honey, USDA certified Gre3n coconut oil, raw coconut cream made from Thai young coconuts and Himalayan pink salt served in a 350ml bottle so that you can have it at ANYTIME. Something really amazing and INCREDIBLE happens when you mix caffeine with these healthy fats, I call it “ALL DAY ENERGY”.

So here it is. One of the MOST amazing drinks on thePLANET. The drink that fuels my appetite for DOMINANCE and soon yours too. INTRODUCING “Alpha Grind” inspired by yours truly, James Scott.