Whats’ so special about Farmhouse Juice?

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Cold-pressed juice is the a process of maintaining the closest amount of nutrients to fruit and vegetable as if they were just picked or harvested. The process starts by keeping the produce nice and cold, then the machines that are used. We use the leading  juice extracting hydraulic press from America   Then thanks to our HPP technology the juice goes under 80,000lbs of pressure in its finished packaging and bacteria is squeezed out leaving us with a juice packed with live enzymes, vitamins and  nutrients, color, taste and flavor under this cold sterilization process.


100% Raw

Raw or living foods are foods that have all their natural enzymes, which are critical in building proteins and rebuilding the body from within. These foods have never gone past 47 degrees Celsius. Our juices have never seen temperatures past 4 Celsius.



Our drinks are made from all natural produce, we are obsessed in our ongoing mission to find the best fruits from Australia, South Africa, Brazil, United States, Thailand, Philippines. As for our vegetables, Mostly all our veggies are grown in aquaponic tanks in an sustainable environment with no soil but instead grown in water and being nutrient fed by our massive fish tanks at our parter farm in Shandong. Obviously in aquaponic tanks you can not use any pesticide or you would hurt the fishies so feel confident in what you are drinking and what you are giving to your family is safe to consume. 

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